Our payroll services are thorough and compliant with HMRC requirements.  We can deal with every aspect of UK wages and salary requirements including:

  • Setting up a new payroll

  • Day to day payroll processing

  • Dealing with PAYE and National Insurance deductions

  • Completing your end of year returns

  • Stakeholder pensions


The taxable benefit in kind is calculated as a percentage of the car's UK list price. The percentage depends on the car's CO2 emissions in grams per kilometre (g/km).  Diesel cars which are certified to RDE2 standard are treated as petrol-fuelled.  

* Diesel cars not meeting the RDE2 standard will be liable to a 4% surcharge.

The list price is on the day before first registration, including most accessories, and is reduced by any employee's capital contribution (max £5,000) when the car is first made available.                    
Where the cost of all fuel for private use is borne by the employee, the fuel benefit is nil. Otherwise, the fuel benefit is calculated by applying the car benefit percentage above to £24,500 (2018/20: £24,100).                    
Vans where private use is more than home-to-work travel: £3,490 (2019/20: £3,430) benefit and £666 (2019/20: £655) for private fuel.                    
Payments by employees for private use may reduce these benefits in kind. Zero-emission vans have a benefit of £2,792 (2019/20: £2,058).                     


The tax-free business mileage allowance rates apply for qualifying business journeys incurred by employees using their own vehicles.                    
For national insurance purposes, a rate of 45p may apply for all business miles incurred for cars and vans.                    

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